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Bassoons & Contrabassoon Crooks For Sale

Bassoon Crooks

Leitzinger M2V silver, as new. This was my routine crook until I changed bassoons. £550

Heckel C2G unplated, excellent condition, semi-straight shape, made for me in 2008 and my routine crook until I changed to a Leitzinger, £400

Puchner DD2 silver plated, English bend, new old stock, this bore is no longer available new, £400

FOX *CVC* 2 R2 silver plated, new old stock, pristine, lovely player, £400

Heckel VCD2 Z, unplated, straight shape (can be adjusted), plays well £300

FOX *CTC* 2 silver plated, excellent condition £290

Heckel CD1 N, patched, plating around patch in poor condition however it plays really well. An excellent crook if you can ignore it's appearance £280

Puchner C3 silver plated, (current equivalent CC3), good condition, fabulous player £280

FOX *CVC3* silver plated, excellent condition, used professionally, fabulous player £280

FOX *CVX2* silver plated, excellent condition £260

FOX *CVX3* silver plated, very good condition £250

Moosmann P2W silver plated, excellent condition £250

Allgood W1XX high note crook £250

Contrabassoon Crooks for Sale

My contrabassoon crooks are now available via Howarth's of London second hand list. Please contact Howarth's directly.

Puchner B2 silver plated (1987), excellent condition with a big, rich sound. Howarth's reference BN10274b


All items are available immediately - call for details